Home care

Regular and proper home care is the basis of our common success. We are offering our clients a tailor-made home care regimen, according to their needs and skin condition.




To maintain beautiful and healthy skin, daily cleansing rituals are essential. Cleansing and exfoliating the skin at home are an important basis for increasing the effect of salon treatments. By cleansing the skin, we remove not only makeup, but also all impurities and sebum we catch on the skin during the day. Our skin must be clean to rest overnight. To perform a proper skin cleansing ritual, we need: cleansing milk / gel / foam (depending on skin type) and tonic. Exfoliation of the skin can be performed at home once a week or once every two weeks (depending on the skin type).

Bioline JaTo offers a wide range of products such as: cleansing milks, cleansing gels, tonics, exfoliating masks and scrubs.

Bioline JaTo nabízí širokou škálu produktů jako: čistící mléka, čistící gely, tonika, exfoliační masky a peelingy.





Facial cream is another product we need to maintain beautiful and healthy skin. The proper cream for our skin type enhances protection, nutrition and moisture, but it can also do much more! We can divide creams into daytime and nighttime, in terms of their composition and texture. The texture of daily use cream is usually softer and lighter (it protects the skin from impurities and free radicals and also gives the skin nourishment and hydration), while the texture of night cream is more dense and greasy (regenerates and nourishes the skin). Another group of creams are for specific use; creams for the eye and lip area. Eye creams are designed to be gentle on delicate eye areas.

Bioline JaTo offers a wide range of facial creams base on skin type, and also special eye and lip creams.



The skin around the eyes is much softer and more sensitive, it contains less collagen and sebaceous glands. Therefore, signs of aging appear earlier than on the rest of the face. It is necessary to take a special care of around eye area with products that have a lighter texture than regular skin creams and do not irritate the eyes. Specific eye creams are designed to be gentle on the delicate and sensitive eye area.
Bioline offer many eyes cream such light eye moisturizing gel, eye creams to brighten the eye area or with a lifting effect.




“Serum is like lingerie, cream like clothes.”  This is the best way we can describe to you, why you should use serums. Serums can be in the form of liquid or emulsions, which contain a very high concentration of active substances. Thanks to their composition, these active substances are completely and easily absorbed into the skin. Apply serums to clean skin under cream.

Bioline JaTo offers a wide range of serums which deliver to your skin all necessary active ingredients, based on your skin needs (nourishing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory effect, lifting effect…).




In the comfort of your home or during holidays, you can indulge your skin in intensive treatment and relaxation. Or do you need to quickly perfect your skin before a special event? By using the right facial mask, you will achieve the results you desire. Facial masks are concentrated and the effects are immediately visible. However, it is necessary to use the right type of facial mask suitable for a specific skin type. You must apply masks on thoroughly cleansed skin, preferably after peeling. Leave a mask to activate for a minimum of 10 minutes, preferably 20 minutes.

Bioline JaTo offer wide range of home use facial masks based on your needs and skin type.

Bioline JaTo má v nabídce masky na domácí použití dle typu pleti.


The main features of the Proceutic line are safety, effectiveness, tolerability. All products are fragrance-free, preservative-free, mineral oil-free, colorant-free, silicone-free. All the formulations are clinically tested. Proceutic offers two different lines for home use products. AGEBIOTIC line is solution for skin with advanced aging – mature skin with deep wrinkles and dark spots. PURITY line is suitable for impure, seborrheic skin, with signs of excessive sebum production and comedones, prone to acne.


Men have more sebaceous glands and pores than women. The production of sebum is doubled in, so men’s skin is oily and shinier. Thanks to regular shaving, men’s skin is more stressed. Daily shaving deprives the skin of the upper layer of skin cells and reveals immature skin, which is particularly sensitive to external influences.  Signs of aging appear later in men’s skin, but once changes begin, they progress rapidly.

All the Man products from Bioline have been formulated to cover a wide range of needs simultaneously, guaranteeing a full treatment in one step, with just a few products.




Needless to say, it is extremely important to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. Sunlight produces a number of biological effects on the skin, some of which are useful, others harmful. UVA radiation can cause various skin reactions. UVB radiation causes, among other things, erythema and pigmentation. In addition, sunlight causes aging. The new BIOLINE SUNDEFENSE line offers a combination of skin protection, not only against UVA and UVB, but also anti-aging and antioxidant protection. It is a powerful, targeted cosmetic skin treatment.

Bioline Jato offers complete skin protection before, during and after sunbathing.



Body hygiene and body care are essential for our overall health and well-being. Quality products help keep the skin clean, take care of it and at the same time protect it from external influences. They can also serve to soothe irritated skin and solve other skin problems such as cellulite, dry skin. Proper regular skin care helps to restore its natural balance, give it a healthy look and a pleasant feeling from healthy skin.

Bioline offers products that are specific for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin, as well as for improving and enhancing body imperfections.




Bioline JaTo offers a special limited edition product during the year. Our current offer is:

  • PRIMALUCE pack – Intensive brightening for your skin: Hydrating renovating cream 50ml + Serum 15% exfoliating illuminating 30ml 

From October we will also have a “NEW CHRISTMAS LIMITED EDIDITON” 🙂