Skin Care


Treatment is focus on impure and problematic youth skin.





60 min. - 1 200 Kč

Treatment is aimed on deep pore cleaning. Leaves fresh skin without blackheads, pimples and acne. Treatments gently cleanse the skin and removes clogged pores. Supports the regulation of sebaceous glands, balancing skin pH and bacterial flora.

Active Ingredients:

Grapefruit seed, meadow-sweet, green clay, zinc oxide


It offers technologies that help significantly improve skin condition. To achieve a long-lasting result, it is recommended to undergo 4 treatments over the course of 4 weeks.



45 - 60min. - 1 200 Kč - 1 900 Kč

Skin treatment using aesthetic devices using non-invasive technologies. It will provide your skin with the most requested treatment methods, from skin cleansing and exfoliation, through stimulation of cellular processes, lifting and firming, to the processing of active substances from cosmetic products.

A range of treatment types: Drainage, detoxification and exfoliation of the skin / Normalization of oily and acne-prone skin / Deep hydration of gray and sagging skin / Anti-couperosis treatment against varicose veins / Lifting, firming and rejuvenation of the skin.


Heart disease, pacemaker, pregnancy, breastfeeding, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, cancer, severe diabetes, high blood pressure.


Complex treatments for maintaning healthy and beautiful skin. The possibility to supplement and intensify the treatment with devices.



90 min. - 1 700 Kč

Our skin is a constantly changing, living organ whose needs change according to time, season, lifestyle and age. The treatment will be chosen based on the type and current condition of the skin.

This is a comprehensive treatment aimed at restoring the proper functioning of the skin’s basic functions. Products of the AQUA series for deep hydration, PURA for the proper functioning of sebum production, DOLCE for the adjustment of microcirculation, VITA for skin nourishment and NATURLABALANCE 24/7 supply the skin with the necessary vitamins, minerals and oxygen.

The entire range will also allow us to perfectly prepare the skin for the next exclusive skin treatmentS offered by BIOLINE JATO.

In order to achieve the most effective treatment, it is possible to incorporate additional device technology into the treatment for a price of CZK 300. (according to the condition and needs of the skin)




75 min. - 1 700 Kč

A high-performance treatment to reduce the look of the signs of aging. Formulated for male skin, it regenerates and reduces the appearance of imperfections and shine, giving the face a younger, healthier and visibly toned appearance. The exclusive De-stress Mineral Massage, in sinergy with the Bioline Jatò® System, favors the absorption of the active ingredients and promotes a destressing, oxygenating and soothing action.

Active Ingredients:

Mineral bioelements, vitamin B3, corn extract, man active complex, caffeine, glycyrrhetinic acid


Treatments focusing on specific skin needs (acne, skin hypersensitivity, reactiv skin, hyperpigmentation). 




90 min. - 1 800 Kč

Brightening and rejuvenating treatments. It supports the renewal of skin cells and significantly brightens the skin. Neutralizes the effect of free radicals and slows down the aging process of the skin and leaves your skin smooth and united.

Active Ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid, lemon, lily, witch hazel extract, PHA, AHA




90 min. - 1 800 Kč

De-Sense treatment is created to soothe, defend and reduce the appearance of the signs of cutaneous hypersensitivity. It increases tolerability to environmental agents, providing instant and lasting relief. It helps to restore the skin barrier, strengthening its natural desense and reduces the visibility of transient and permanent sensitiveness.

The dermatologically-tested formulas, free from allergens.

Active Ingredients:

tetrapeptide-15, argan oil, GPI, vitamin E, rice oil, ginkgo extract, mineral pigments.




60 min. - 1 800 Kč

Solution for impure, seborrheic skin, with signs of excessive sebum production and comedone, prone to acne. Purity System: consists of professional treatments with a triple exfoliating action (mechanical, chemical, enzymatic), which promote the visible and progressive renewal of the skin, while respecting its physiology. The exclusive combination of functional substances with exfoliating action, allows you to obtain, in total safety, an effectiveness.

Active Ingredients:

Prebiotics (inuline, alpha-glucan olisacharide) are essential for microorganisms protecting helth skin, Vitamin C 2.0, Boswellia extract its reducing inflamentory demage, Bakuchiol and Niacinamid.




90 min. - 1 800 Kč

A treatment that preserves the skin health and wellbeing, combining/melting sustainability and effectiveness in organic and COSMOS ORGANIC certified formulas which hydrate, nourish and intensely protect the skin, enhancing its natural brightness.

Active Ingredients:

 Ginseng (adaptogen and antistress), Green tea (antioxidant),Goji berries (vitaminizing), Blackcurrant (protective), Ginger, Incense and Grape complex (rebalances, calms and purifies), hyperfermented Myrtle and Lentisk, Mullein extract.


A unique combination of active substances and advanced technologiest for maximum efficiency. 




90 min. - 1 900 Kč

The innovative treatment to reawakening the skin’s potential for youth, with gold light-reflecting particles, formulated to prevent and reduce the look of the first signs of aging. Pure molecules, superfood and hi-tech active ingredients revitalize and protect the skin, by safeguarding its youth, wellness and health. The skin is intensely nourished and glows with renewed radiance.

Active Ingredients:

Biotech active ingrediants – oleostaminal, natural active ingrediants „superfood“– maring oil, hamp oil, acai and hi-tech active ingrediants – energy booster complex.




90 min. - 2 200 Kč

Strengthens the vitality and compactness of the skin. A revitalizing treatment, which combines the most advanced forms of Vitamin C with innovative functional substances such as Maslinic Acid and Ectoin, to return immediate splendour to the face. The treatment offers a global protection against damages caused by external aggression and acts as a beauty shield, preserving skin compactness and restoring the natural glow of the skin.

Active Ingredients:

3C Vitamin Pool, DE-OX Complex and AGL Dipeptide




60 min. - 1 900 Kč

AGEBIOTIC skin treatmentit is an innovative solution for skin with advanced aging and heavy accentuation of linear and glyphic wrinkles, and dark spots. The combination of a peel with the mask and the balanced combination of fruit acids with Retinoid have been designed to obtain, in total safety, an effectiveness comparable to that of a peel with a lower pH.

Active Ingredients:

Prebiotics (inuline, alpha-glucan olisacharide) are essential for microorganisms protecting helth skin, Vitamin C 2.0, Abiotech Filler (inovative molecul) nourishes the skin and gives it a fuller look, Retinoid (derivates of Vit A), Cyklopeptid-5 is a new generation of peptid with cyclic structure.




90 min. - 2400 Kč

Latest-generation treatment providing an intensive beauty action. Formulas with highly concentrated natural collagen and hyaluronic acid outline the profile of face and neck. The visible lifting and filling effects are combined with the bio-revitalizing and elasticizing action, enhancing the face contours.

Active Ingredients:

Antarctic extraxts, hyaluronic acid, elastin booster, filling polymers, tightening complex.




90 min. - 2 400 Kč

Cosmetic excellence for ageless skin. The intensive approach par excellence, it reduces the visibility of pronounced wrinkles and skin laxity. Exclusive seaweed extracts and plant stem cells of the latest generation technology promote the elasticity of the skin for a visibly younger face, with redefined contours.

Active Ingredients:

Undaria seaweed, bioactive peptide, tomato vegetal stem cell extract, sea grape extract.




45 min. - 5 x treatments 5 900Kč / 6 x treatments 6 900 Kč

It is intensive peel that consists of 5-6 repeated skin treatments in a short period of time (treatment after a week). Using appropriately selected AHA/PHA acids with a high concentration, chemical peeling penetrates into different layers of the skin. This leads to the renewal of skin cells, improvement of skin structure, reduction of pores, regulation of sebum production in the skin, unification of skin color tone and reduction of hyperpigmentation. The peel 5 x is intended for oily, congested, acne-prone skin. The peel 6 x is suitable for skin with pigment spots and fine wrinkles.

Active Ingredients:

PHA (polyhydroxy acids), AHA (alpha hydroxy acids), white complex, AHA-PHA booster


The technologies we use to maximize and enhance our treatments.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: heart disease, pacemaker, pregnancy, breastfeeding, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, cancer, severe diabetes, high blood pressure.




Included in price for all facial treatment

Ultrasound acts on the skin with gentle high-frequency vibrations. Removes surface dead cells (exfoliation), opens and unclogs pores, smooths the skin, performs micromassage and reduces skin inflammation. It prevents the accumulation of keratin in the mouth of the sebaceous glands and thus reduces the risk of inflammation.


+ thyroid disorder




Can be added to any facial treatment for additional 300 Kč

Microdermabrasion works on the principle of gentle mechanical abrasion of the top layer of the skin. Removes dead skin cells. The effect of the vacuum improves lymphatic drainage of the face, stimulates blood circulation and detoxifies the skin.

Benefits: Peeling of the skin, improves the keratinization of the skin and milia, softens scars from acne, smallpox or post-traumatic scars, prevention of skin aging, softens wrinkles, softens hyperpigmentation (disrupts the pigment and it is then better absorbed).



Can be added to any facial treatment for additional 300 Kč

During radio frequency (RF) skin tightening, providers use an electromagnetic device that generates heat to stimulate the production of collage, elastin and new skin cells. This nonsurgical facelift firms and lifts sagging skin.  Collagen is the protein that helps skin look young and healthy. As we age, the collagen levels in our skin decline, leading to wrinkles and sagging skin. By stimulating collagen production, RF treatments can help to reduce these signs of aging and give the skin a more youthful appearance.

For the stimulating collagen production must be treatment done at leaast 4x per 4weeks.


RF is not recomended to clients with fillers (botox).




Ozonizer is Included in price for all facial treatment / HF is for additional 300 Kč

High Frequency Facial Treatment is a non-invasive therapy that uses a high-frequency electrical current to stimulate the skin’s natural healing process. The treatment can help reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, and regenerate collagen, resulting in smoother, healthier-looking skin.
High fre­quen­cy facials are con­sid­ered to be a safe, gen­tle and ther­a­peu­tic approach to skin reju­ve­na­tion, quick­ly heal­ing and restor­ing your skin’s health.

Its also helps to penetrates aktive ingrediants from the products into the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



Can be added to any facial treatment for additional 300 Kč

During an ultrasound facial, high level sound wave technology is used to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin. This facial therapy promotes cellular renewal and repair, tones facial muscles, increases blood circulation, encourages lymphatic drainage, combats swelling and improves skin care product penetration.
Its application both water-soluble and fat-soluble active substances can easily enter the skin. Applying the method of ultrasound, the metabolic processes of the skin intensify, the nutrient and oxygen supply of the cells increase. Thanks to the positive effect on the connective tissues’ fibres, the skin becomes tighter and youthfully elastic.




Can be added to any facial treatment for additional 300 Kč

Electroporation or non-invasive mesotherapy consists of the safe introduction of active ingredients into the skin by means of electrical pulses. It is a very effective way to achieve advanced skin results.

It is the controlled application of high voltage electrical pulses, achieving the momentary opening of pores in the lipid bilayer of cell membranes and aqueous channels in the intercellular spaces. This opening allows the introduction of actives.

Its rejuvenate the skin and alleviates wrinkles.




Can be added to any facial treatment for additional 300 Kč

Vacuum massage is lymphatic drainage treatment. the lymphatic vessels are stimulated helping to detoxify, improve lymph circulation, reduce puffiness, reduce fluid retention, increase blood flow, aid cellular regeneration as well as encouraging toning and lifting in the skin.
Vacuum suction is a facial treatment process that will lift your underlying tissue and make your structure beautiful. The miracle affect is done through circulation of blood with the lymph circulation.




Can be used as a part all facial treatments: 100 Kč

Light therapy harmonizes metabolic processes and strengthens the immune system. Significant is also anti-inflammatory effect, which consists in activating natural factors that contribute to destruction of inflammation. In cosmetics proven to reduce the signs of aging skin, increases skin elasticity and efficiency cosmetic products.




Can be used during any skin treatment: 200 Kč

This treatment consists of paraffin wax containing aromatic oils and vitamins for nutrition, refinement, warmth and blood circulation of the treated skin. After treatment, the hands are hydrated, smooth, soft and velvety to the touch.


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Cancelation rules

It is possible to cancel the agreed and reserved date by phone, SMS or email 24 hours before the start of the reservation date. In case of later cancellation of the appointment or unexcused absence, the client will be charged a fee of CZK 500/hour (according to the booked service and the corresponding time). The fee will be charged to the client at the next visit. Thank you for your understanding.